Tuesday, 2 August 2011


$120,000 includes;
  • 2010 Kimberly Kamper Platinum
  • 2004 Toyota Landcuiser Turbo Diesel
  • Seajay 3.7m Nomad Tinnie & 15hp Yamaha Motor
  • Mangrove Jack collapsable boat trailer
  • Almac trailers self loading boat roof rack

Plus heaps heaps more!!!
See below for more details on each item.

Just over a year ago we began setting up the ultimate touring package that would enable us to see this great country of ours! Sadly though our trip is drawing to a close and its time to head home. now we would love to sell it all to someone else who wants to see the country in comfort and safety while using some of the best products money can buy to do it with! everything that is for sale was purchased brand new(accept for the Landcruiser) over the last year and a bit.

  • 2004 Toyota Landcruiser 100series turbo deisel. 
  • a very clean car, no dings in bodywork (small ding in rear bumper from previous owners) 
  • auto
  • Low Kms: 145,000km tho will be closer to 150,000 buy october (we will have the 150,000 service done before handing it over)
  • air con
  • power steer
  • cruise control
  • 6 stack CD
  • 140L diesel capacity
  • tinted windows
  • factory turbo

Also including all these extras:
  • ARB deluxe bullbar colour coded to match rear bar
  • 9500Lb Mako winch(award wining) with synthetic rope
  • Lightforce 'Genesis' Halogen driving lights
  • UHF Radio in centre overhead console
  • Installed onboard ARB air compressor
  • Full suspension upgrade and 2” lift
  • Bilstien Shocks
  • Poly air bags to rear
  • alloy rims
  • 285/75 BFG Goodrich tyres
  • Snorkel with 2 heads(dust and regular)
  • Diesel power chip(DP chip) power to burn!
  • VMS 500s off road GPS
  • Electric brake controller for trailers
  • Turbo timer
  • Couplertec Electronic rust proofing
  • Custom made drawers in rear. 1 x large drawer. 1 x slide for outboard storage
  • Interior fishing rod holder
  • Engel 40L Fridge/freezer
  • 3rd 80Ah battery for freezer
  • battery management system
  • Fridge holder
  • Rock Tamer mud flaps
  • MSA Front canvas seat covers 
  • front rubber floor matts


Kimberley Kamper 2010 Platinum - has allowed us to visit some amazing places without worrying about whether it can handle it. We see these kampers in all the remotest locations, truely the king of the off road! see the country in camping luxury.

Added extras include:
  • Under bed heating
  • Additional 70L water tank for drinking water. giving a total of 190L
  • Drivers side Drawer
  • Ensuite and quick awning canvas options
  • 2 x 20L diesel gerry cans
  • Honda 2kva generator. (Only brand recommended by Kimberley).
  • 6 keyed alike padlocks for Kamper gulwings etc
  • 3 large keyed alike padlocks and security wire for boat trailer etc
  • 15A 30m power lead
  • 10m drinking water hose
  • brass non return valve and stainless filter for drawing water from fresh water streams.
  • Rock Tamer mud flaps
  • Treg hitch tounge

Sea Jay 3.7m Nomad Boat & Yamaha Motor

This has been an awesome boat for us, allowing us to see some amazing places and catch some awesome fish. the 3.7m is about the biggest boat you will get on a 4x4, and the roof rack was custom made to fit the boat perfectly.
  • Yamaha 15hp 2 stroke motor - lays down perfectly in the custom made slide in the back of the LC. lift it out set it up and it starts first go every time. i guess you would expect that from a near new motor :)
  • Dummy wheels to allow for easy manouvering when boat is not on the trailer
  • Holders for rods, oars, gaf and timber bat
  • End of boat has been closed in with double sided shade cloth. This keeps life jackets, ropes etc in the boat even when its upside down on the roof.
  • hose and fittings for cleaning the motor.

Almac boat loader/roof racks
Was chosen for the trip mainly as it would not only hold the boat but also is a very capable roof rack and is a stress free one-man operation to load and unload the boat. the rack is rated to hold 150kg, which after the boat weight of 86kg still leaves you a lot of room to put more up there. i store the boat fuel, anchor and boat safety stuff, a box of tools and cab pots up there. the majority of boat loaders on the market dont allow for anything else on the roof! crazy. This rack is awesome! couldn't do the trip without it!

Mangrove Jack Collapsable Trailer
The lightest trailer on the market. 38kg!! so so so easy to set up, no heavy lifting, all alloy or stainless. Also included is the towball and tounge for the trailer. the light board has been cut down to fit perfectly between the rollers on the roof rack. i dont know if its leagal but a lot of peaple seem to be doing it! it saves you having to set it up on the boat after every fishing trip.

We are currently in WA making our way down from Broome to perth and then accross to NSW, so we can virtulally delivery anywhere in the southern 1/2 of Australia. We will though be not looking to sell in late september early october. If by this time we have not sold then we will be happy to break the package in half. The Kimberley Kamper with accesories($ 51,500) and the LC, boat and accessories($68,500)
please call us with any questions 0425 261 902


Geoff and Amanda